Special Meeting Held

To the members of the Sangchris Bass Club.
A special meeting was held on November 9th at 6:30pm to discuss the recent changes in tournament fees mandated by the IDNR.
After discussion and voting by the members in attendance, the following changes were made for the 2022 tournament season:
Team membership fees were increased to $100. There will however, be NO sponsorship fee required or requirement to sell 50/50 raffle tickets.

The member team entry fee for qualifying tournaments has been increased to $70 (includes Big Bass pot). The Fall Classic will also be $70 per member team.

Other topics of discussion:
The trophies and end of year awards will stay the same as in 2021.
The 2022 schedule will have one less fundraiser tournament to allow for a qualifying tournament that was denied during the tournament application process.

The Fall Classic tournament was also denied during the tournament application process for October 1 & 2 of 2022. Instead, the weekend of October 8 and 9 has been reserved.

The tournament schedule for 2022 will be available soon.

The Annual meeting is scheduled for Saturday, January 15 at 6:30pm. The meeting will be held at the East Boat dock building. All potential members are welcome to attend.