Annual Meeting Held

Sangchris Lake

The Annual Meeting was held on Saturday, January 15. The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm with eleven members in attendance.

The following topics were discussed and voted on when applicable:

2022 SBC Officers
The following members were elected for 2022. Steve Curry, Tournament Director, Dave Sapetti, Asst. Tournament Director and Kim Sapetti, Secretary Treasurer.

Replacement Alternate Judge
Travis Simpson will replace Gary Eby as an Alternate Tournament Judge.

Members Bumping Fish in 2022
Mike Bretscher and Bob Woods will alternate each tournament as official fish bumpers. They will be allowed to weigh their fish first when on duty.

April 10th Tournament Help
Mike Tuchmann volunteered to help Steve Curry with the morning registrations on the April 10th tournament. Kim Sapetti will be absent.

Livewell Checks
Teams will be randomly drawn for livewell check duty for each tournament. A list of those teams dwill be available at the 1st Qualifier. Zac Geist has volunteered his team to check livewells for the first tournamnent.

Please note: If drawn and unable to perform livewell check, your team is responsible for finding a volunteer to replace you.

Online Membership Form
There is a new online membership form now available. Complete the online form and it will be emailed directly to us. There is also a printable membership available if you prefer.

2022 Rule Book
The 2022 Rule Book will be available soon with the latest changes from this meeting.