Annual Meeting Minutes

The annual meeting was held on Saturday, January 25th. There were 25 club members in attendance!

Meeting was called to order at at 6:30pm.

2020 Club Officers and Judges were elected/appointed:

Steve Curry – Tournament Director
Dave Sapetti – Assistant Tournament Director
Kim Sapetti – Secretary/Treasurer

Josh Argo – Tournament Judge
Jeremy Mull – Tournament Judge
Mike Bretscher – Tournament Judge
Mike Tuchmann – Alternate Judge
Mike Miller – Alternate Judge

Fish Bumpers
Steve Neal & Rick Chevalier

Discussion was held to consider additional rewards for a team that wins both Pounds and Points champions for the year. A motion was made to award free membership for a team who wins both the Pounds and Points championship. A vote was made by members in attendance and the motion carried and will be effective beginning in 2020 season (Team will be awarded free membership in 2021).

Discussion was held concerning split teams and the use of a club member as an alternate partner. No motions were proposed.

Discussion was held about the number of teams who can qualify for the Fall Classic. A motion was made to return to the top 15 teams in the Pounds and Points standings. A vote was made by members in attendance and the motion failed.

The meeting was adjourned.