Annual Meeting Minutes

The Annual Meeting was held on Saturday, January 6th at the East Boat Ramp building.  Thank you to all who were in attendance.

The meeting was called to order at 6pm.

Tournament Director, Steve Curry began the meeting by reviewing the 2018 tournament application process and schedule with the members. It was noted that there will be 3 tournaments out of the West Boat dock this year (Two Qualifiers and one fundraiser). It was also noted that an additional fundraiser was added this year on April 29th.

 2018 Officers and appointed Tournament Officials

Tournament Director – Steve Curry
Asst. Tournament Director – Dave Sapetti
Secretary/Treasurer – Kim Sapetti

Tournament Judges

Todd Bates
Josh Argo
Doug Henley

Alternate Judges

Harold Henley
Dennis Loveall

Raffle Tickets

A motion was made and passed for all member teams to sell 50/50 raffle tickets again in 2018.  The funds received from raffle ticket sales to be used to offset the cost of the Fall Classic trophies and hopefully reduce entry fee for the Fall Classic as well.  All teams are required to either sell the tickets or pay for them themselves.

A second motion was made and passed designating all members must have their raffle ticket money in by the 8th Qualifying Tournament.


The club tournament scales are in need of minor repair and possible calibration.  After discussion with the members, Steve Curry is to investigate costs related to having the current weigh-in scales re-calibrated and/or replaced.