Annual Meeting Minutes

The 2019 Annual Meeting was held on Saturday, January 26 at 6:30 p.m. We appreciate all the members in attendance and their input!

The following are the topics were covered:

2019 Officers
The 2019 officers are:

Steve Curry – Tournament Director
Dave Sapetti – Asst. Tournament Director
Kim Sapetti – Secretary/Treasurer

Side Pots
A motion was made to include a Side Pot for each of the SBC tournaments. Side pot entry is optional and will be $10 per team and is “winner take all” with the team entered with the largest winning weight being the winner.

Bye Tournament
Members in attendance discussed, voted and approved one “Bye Tournament” as an option for each member team during the course of each tournament year.

A “Bye Tournament” allows a member team to pay the fee for one tournament which they are unable to attend. By doing so, the tournament missed may be counted as one of the eight necessary attended tournaments to qualify for the Fall Classic. A member team will not accrue any pounds or points for a “Bye Tournament”.

Raffle Tickets
Raffle tickets will once again be sold by each member team in 2019 to offset the costs of club functions and trophies. Each team is responsible for selling 10, $5 tickets and must have them turned in prior to the Fall Classic in order to compete.

Tournament Off Limits
Members in attendance discussed, voted and approved changes to the lake off limits during all SBC tournaments. There will no longer be any off limits declared by the SBC. The Sangchris Bass Club will adopt all off limit regualtions in place by the Illinois Department of Conservation. As stated in the rules of the Sangchris Bass Club, violation of ANY Illinois Department of Conservation rule or regulations is grounds for disqualification.

Giving Back to Lake Sangchris
Members discussed the Sangchris Bass Club continuing to assist the Illinois Department of Conservation with any projects they need help with. Rod Cooke volunteered to ask the appropriate representatives with the IDOC if there are any projects for 2019. If you are interested in participating, please contact one of the club officers.