Fall Classic Take-Off Day One

The take-off order for Fall Classic, day one is as follows. This is based on the order of the final pounds and points standings.  Pounds standings out-weighs point standings.

1 Argo & Bates
2 Sapetti & Heil
3 Miller & Miller
4 Watson & Cooper
5 Loveall & Flint
6 Hughes & Compton
7 Peters & Morgan
8  Downey & Killen
9 Mason & Mason
10 Chevalier & Neal
11 Mull & Sapetti
12 Jasmon & Copp
13 Simpson & Boarman
14 Curry & Harrison
15 Argo & Argo
16 Hampsten & Reece
17 Mudd & Mudd
18 Bretscher & Tuchmann
19 Wiley & Law
20 Cooke & Cooke
21 Simpson & Ortman
22 Henley & Harrison
23 Lehman & Lehman
24 Jarrett & Boarman

2017 Final Standings & Fall Classic

The 2017 regular season has completed and the final standings are now available.

Congratulations to the 2017 Pounds and Points Champions Todd Bates and Josh Argo.  Great year!


The 2017 Fall Classic will be held on September 30th and October 1st from the East Boat Ramp.  Tournament hours are 7:00AM to 3:00PM both days.

ATTENTION SBC MEMBERS:  This year is the first year for an entry fee for the Fall Classic.  The fee is $70 per member team and includes Big Bass pot for both days.  Please deliver or mail your entry fees to Kim Sapetti and soon as possible as it is necessary to determine the Fall Classic payout and to pay for the Fall Classic trophies and end of year plaques.

Teams who have still not turned in their raffle tickets must do so before the Fall Classic. If your team decides not to sell them, you are still responsible for the $50. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Qualifier #8 Results

Qualifying tournament #8 was held on Sunday, September 10th.  Congratulations to all the winners!

1st Place – 17.90 lbs.
Todd Bates & Josh Argo

2nd Place – 17.80 lbs.
Mike Miller & Kris Willings

3rd Place – 15.07 lbs.
Dennis Loveall & Mo Flint

Big Bass – 4.90 lbs.
Mike Miller & Kris Willings